VEEP SPOILERS (2.01 and 2.02)

So I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of Veep's season 2 premiere and the following episode. Without giving too much away, I think that season one fans will be very pleased. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is sensational (can I start calling her four time Emmy award winner yet?), and the dialogue is super tight.

Thematically, season one deals with the Selena’s struggles being outside the inner circle, being close to it but not actually having it. In the premiere, we see Selena asking for more responsibilities and respect. But ya gotta be careful what ya wish for.

I think I liked the second episode more than the premiere. The premiere sets the stage with new cast members Gary Cole (fear inspiring senior strategist) and Kevin Dunn (chief of staff), which makes sense, but I preferred the more Selina/Mike/Amy/Dan/Gary oriented episode that followed.

Bigger spoilers below

THE PRESIDENT CALLS. At the end of episode one, he gives Selina an increase in foreign policy work. 

Jonah plays a bigger role in the first two episodes, especially the second. We also meet his employees, boys who fight over The Matrix but improve Selina’s self esteem by complimenting her tour.

Amy’s dad has what appears to be a stroke, distracting her for most of the first episode until she visits him at the hospital. Her sister criticizes her work ethic. Probably my least favorite moment of the screening was this exchange between them.

Amy’s sister: You always have to get the last word, men hate that.
Amy: You have three kids by two different men. Maybe your last word should have been “no.”

Ouch, the slut shaming is not cute. Amy and Dan get some really great scenes at the hospital in episode two though.

While the premiere revolves around midterms/polling/Selina getting more responsibilities, episode 2 revolves around a scandal that Selina’s daughter Katherine causes. Her review of the movie 5 Broken Cameras — which criticizes Israel for their unlawful and horrific occupation of Palestine — creates a lot of commotion. There’s one hysterical scene where she’s asked about her daughter’s review at a pig roast (which she attends with a cowboy hat, of course), and Jonah struggles to change the interview shot (Selina talking about Israel, which translates into her talking about Jewish people, in front of a mountain of pork)

I only managed to write down some of Selina’s lines but here they are:

"I fluffed ‘em, now go fuck ‘em." 
“All the women say ‘free,’ all the men say ‘dom!’”
“Why don’t you go fuck yourself in your own asshole?”
“I’d rather set fire to my own vulva.”
“You take your…eyebrows, and you get out.”

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