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BEST SCENES the best

Amy tells Selina that her dad took a turn for the worse, and she gets time to go visit him. Dan tags along (I forget the specific reason why), and he tells her that even though emotions are super weird and foreign, he really respects how strong she’s been throughout everything. Then they get to her dad’s room, and he’s totally fine lol. Amy just lied to spend time with him, and even though she starts saying the lie was awful, Dan just says that it’s super hot.

Then Amy’s family starts questioning her about children and stuff (and tells Dan how hard Amy took their breakup, despite Amy insisting it was just a couple of dates) and it all makes her super uncomfortable. He can tell, so he asks if she would go back to the office with him to write Catherine’s apology letter about the review, and she says yes immediately and it’s ALL SO GOOD

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